USB Interface

Tasked with developing an automated test for a circuit board that integrated USB communications, I was able to control the USB chip through the microprocessor in order to integrate not only signal verification to and from the chip, but control of down-line USB components as well.

USB Interface

Challenge: Developing electronic tests to include a USB Interface chip on a processor board where access to the circuits was limited, and the board’s application software was not available to the test developer.

Response: Through an intense reverse-engineering process, the test program that was developed for this effort allowed automated testing of the entire circuit board including the USB chip, USB link, and USB peripherals downstream from the chip. 


I have worked with Dan Reynolds for more than 23 years as a coworker, an employer, and a special projects manager, and have witnessed firsthand his engineering and problem solving capabilities. Simply put, he is the finest engineer that I have ever known. He is a “LabVIEW artist” and test engineer of the highest caliber. We count on him to provide us with accurate schematics and complete coverage test programs and fixtures. He has always met or exceeded our expectations.”

John Slocum, V.P. Freedom Electronics LLC Kennesaw, Georgia