Optical Disc Test

With more than twelve years of experience in the optical disc industry, I have developed a broad range of test applications that verify the content and signal integrity of multiple disc formats. Using digital data acquisition and other test instrumentation, operating under automated program control, these test applications verified every aspect of the generated signals. Testing signal integrity to extremely close tolerances, and checking data content against the particular disc format specification, these tests resulted in improved disc quality and manufacturer throughput at replication facilities.

Optical Disc

Challenge: Develop test methods to observe signal integrity and data content in order to verify that the signals being sent to Laser Beam Recorders would produce accurate replica discs in a high-volume production environment.

Response: A broad range of test programs were developed to test all aspects of the signal being generated by the disc formatting equipment. These applications included controlling test instrumentation to check signal integrity, and Data Capture applications to ensure that the data being generated conformed to the exact specification for the particular disc format.

Media formats included CD, DVD, BluRay, Game Disc formats, and Digital Streaming.

Signal integrity testing included advanced pit geometry verification, and pico-second resolution of feature edges and signal jitter.


Signal Integrity

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Format Verification

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