Custom Business Applications, Database

Custom Business Applications

I have been developing custom business applications for more than 16 years. When businesses have needed back-office applications, custom instrumentation interfaces, process control, or other types of custom software, I have developed software for them in an efficient and timely manner. My clients span a wide range of businesses, ranging from professional photographers to government contractors. The custom applications I’ve developed cover an equally wide range of functionality.

Business Database Applications

Challenge: Develop an adaptable and expandable SQL database application for tracking the processing of orders in a high-volume photo production facility. Incorporate barcode scanning to keep track of all aspects of the production, packaging, and shipping processes.

Response: This on-going program development has spanned more than 16 years. In that time the program has gone through many evolutions, bringing in more functionality and increased productivity. When the photo production business branched out to include a Web presence, the scope of this development also grew to include the back-end Web order production, tracking, and reporting.