Bioreactor Control System

I was asked by a professor at our local university to review some LabVIEW code used to control a bioreactor system. The code had been developed over a number of semesters in the professor’s laboratory. The existing code had limited functionality, did not communicate with all available bioreactor sensors, lacked data acquisition, logging, and displays, and was difficult to use.

I took on the task of bringing all of the original code residing in multiple separate subroutines, into one project, and applying many LabVIEW development best practices to the code, bringing it into a more manageable format.

In addition, the professor wanted to add enhanced functionality to the bioreactor system and the LabVIEW code, and bring in the automation of more controls, and the monitoring of more process variables.

This project is being accomplished in multiple phases, with each additional phase adding complexity to the code, and more intricate control of the bioreactor system.