Automated Test

I have developed a wide range of Automated test routines for electronic circuits ranging from simple LCD displays, to multi-processor CPU boards, to frequency-shifting RF communication modules. These tests have used a variety of test instrumentation, and have been automated through many different instrumentation control buses, including Ethernet, USB, GPIB, RS232, RS485, PXI, VXI, as well as dedicated Data Acquisition hardware.

In addition, the test procedure documentation that I have developed for these test routines have also covered a wide range of requirement complexity, from ISO9000 and U.S. Government documentation requirements, to simple single-page operator instruction sets.

Challenge: Integrate a suite of test instrumentation into a versatile and adaptable test stand capable of testing a wide range of electronic circuits, including Digital, Radio Frequency, Switching, and Power Supply components. This was desired in order to enable a complete communication subsystem’s testing to be accomplished on a common set of test equipment.

Response: The test system that was developed brought all of the test equipment connection points to a single interconnect panel where custom hardware interfaces adapted the interconnect to the instrumentation needs for the particular component being tested.

The test programs developed included guided troubleshooting steps when a fault was detected on a unit under test.

This multi-million dollar program was completed on-time and under budget.