RF Radio Frequency Electronic Circuit Testing
Space Flight Hardware Testing

Automated Test

I haveĀ a long and diverse history of developing Automated Test systems, using a broad range of Test Equipment, operating under program control over multiple control bus topologies. I have developed a wide range of Automated test routines for electronic circuits ranging from simple LCD displays, to multi-processor CPU boards, to frequency-shifting RF communication modules; from the electronics inside gas pumps, to the electronics used in manned space exploration.

These tests have used a variety of test instrumentation, and have been automated through many different instrumentation control buses, including Ethernet, USB, GPIB, RS232, RS485, PXI, VXI, as well as dedicated Data Acquisition hardware.

These automated test routines have been controlled by test programs developed with many different programming languages and environments, including LabVIEW, LabWindows CVI, C++, AutoIT and PERL scripting, assembly languages of the processors involved, Fluke TL1, and multiple other languages.

Test procedure documentation that I haveĀ developed for these test routines has also covered a wide range of requirement complexity, from ISO9001 and U.S. Government documentation requirements, to simple single-page operator instruction sets.